Shaver Forced Air Outdoor Wood Furnace

The Shaver Forced Air Outdoor Wood Furnace removes fire hazards from your home or building because the fire is outside! An outdoor wood furnace also helps your indoor air quality and can alleviate respiratory and allergy problems caused by burning wood indoors. No more dark sooty walls and bugs either!

Thermostatic control provides your home with even, steady heat. Since the Shaver can burn larger pieces of wood it will dramatically reduce time spent preparing the wood. Costs for large round timbers are also dramatically less than for smaller split wood. You can get this type of wood for $90 a cord compared to $120+.

The Shaver Furnace means easy maintenance and few parts requiring service. We don’t have any circuit boards to burn out. You don’t need costly electrical gadgets and features to cause problems down the road. Keep it simple and efficient, is our motto. All of our parts are off-the-shelf parts that are available anywhere. There are no proprietary parts that have to be purchased from the factory!

Watch this short movie to learn more about the Shaver Forced Air Outdoor Wood Furnace: